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Boombox - managing featured images in posts

If "featured media" is set to "on" via customiser global option in single post->main panel, this means for all posts by default featured media (gif, image, video) will be shown on top of content:

- for posts created via Zombify we have content always in the post editor, so in case if "featured media" enabled from customiser for post types like Gifs, Video, Image we'll have duplicated content

- this means for this post types we need to disable this option and we have appropriate way to do it - we should disable the "featured media" by tag or category for such posts e.g. for video, see "Hide Attached Posts Featured Media":

- creating posts via Zombify we can set any post type to automatically have some tag or category, e.g. "gif" tag can be attached automatically to gif post type in Zombify

- additionally we can also disable "featured media" on per post level (in case there is just exceptional post we don't need featured media), it can be done via single post edit options (Hide Featured Media option):

As you can see - we have few different options that could be combined or used separately depending on your needs.

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