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Zombify - custom code usage cases

Please note that Px-Lab not responsible for the way of use for provided below code, they may work or may not work depending on your current settings and options.  Codes were written during support and assistance to some Boombox users by the initiative of Px-Lab.

We are not providing support or assistance for the use of these codes. Any customization service and additional coding is out of the scope of our support.

In order to apply below code:

1. Go to Dashboard=>Appearance=>Customize=>Additional CSS
2. Paste the code
3. Click on save and publish

  • How to Change Up And Down Icons in Zombify Listing

How to Change Up And Down Icons in Zombify Listing

1. First of all, create a folder with a name 'images' in your child theme folder and add there your icons: icon-vote-up.png for up vote icon and  icon-vote-down.png for down vote icon. Please note that icons should have maximum 25px height, preferable not more than 25X25 dimensions in order to look good on your site. Also they should be vector icons (svg) in order to be  displayed with high quality in retina display devices.

2. Secondly,  you need to add the following code on your child theme css file:

/* Change list voting icons  by PxLab*/
#zombify-main-section-front .zf-list .zf-vote_btn .zf-icon:before {
    line-height: 35px; /****/
#zombify-main-section-front .zf-list .zf-vote_btn .zf-icon-vote_down:before {
    content: url('images/icon-vote-down.png');
#zombify-main-section-front .zf-list .zf-vote_btn .zf-icon-vote_up:before {
    content: url('images/icon-vote-up.png');
/* /End Change list voting icons  by PxLab*/

Refresh the site, clear cache and you will see the results!