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Why I cant use mobile control with Page cache?

The reason is the nature of page cache - which caches the full html and then always returns that static html.

When some post has created the cache for that post is refreshed and front/category pages are updated.

However, some options simply can't work in case of using page cache - e.g. you can't use mobile controls option, as the same URL is cached on desktop and then just returned for mobile, if it will be cached 1st on mobile, then for desktop strip will be missing. The same for random - if it's cached there will be loaded cached version and it won't be updated until the cache is renewed.

You should disable strip globally to remove from mobile in case of using page cache. There is an expiration time for page cache, so all pages renews time after time. All users which decide to use page cache will face this.

Page views are working via ajax request, so views are always tracked, just not updated instantly if you're using page cache, as soon as cache will be updated all the tracked views will appear, and this will affect also most viewed lists containing all new views. Unfortunately, we can do nothing with this, it's a nature of page cache.