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Add this plugin - how to add sharing?

  1. Create Add This account here
  2. Choose Share Buttons =>
  3. Choose Inline view and press “Continue” button at the very end of this section => Here you can choose
    1. Social networks number
    2. Select your own social networks
    3. Design ( style, buttons size, rounded corners, icon color, background color, show/hide networks name )
    4. Advanced Options
  4. Press “Save and Continue” button at the very end of the page
  5. In the opened page choose “WORDPRESS” tab =>
  6. Follow to the provided steps in that page:
    1. Login to your WordPress account and your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Choose Plugins > Add New
    3. Run a search query for AddThis. Your search will return a few results, choose the type of tool you wish to add to your site.
    4. Click Install Now
    5. Click "Activate plugin"
    6. In the settings on the left hand side choose addthis sharing buttons from the dropdown.
    7. Click advanced options where you can dig into deeper customization and where you will find the location to enter you AddThis profile ID.
    8. In Advanced Options at the bottom select "I want to control my plugin from" option =>
    9. Enter AddThis profile ID then click save changes and your AddThis tools are now ready to activate. =>
    10. Copy Inline Share Buttons cod e =>
    11. Go to Customizer - > Social section and simply paste the code in the wp page customizer =>
    12. Press “Save and Publish”

In case of any question please see our documentation for Certy =>
Or submit a ticket in Certy Category!