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Upload problem (please try again later)

  • This notification may appear when you're creating long list/quizzes with many images and during upload "php max execution" time is expired on the server. Reason for this error could be also too big images or gifs as well. You can contact to your server provider and ask to increase that time. Currently we're working on optimizing this process.

How to disable site authentication and use Zombify?

How to hide "affiliate link" in lists via css?

Add following code in a child theme, in style.css file

div[data-zombify-fieldgroup-path="list/affiliate"] {   
    display: none !important; }

Please note that this may hide affiliate link options from other lists (open list, list) too.

Hide description field in image, gif video types

#zf-image_container .zf-form-group[data-zombify-fieldgroup-path="image_description"],
#zf-image_container .zf-form-group[data-zombify-fieldgroup-path="gif/image_description"],
#zf-video_container .zf-form-group[data-zombify-fieldgroup-path="video/video_description"] {    
  display: none;