How to hide double social share buttons in posts?

  • Go to Dashboard=>Mashshare=>Settings=>Position and set the position to Manual and in that case you can have checkboxes marked below, or unmark checkboxes and for position set any of available options http://screencast.com/t/hJCAdoSkxhw

How CloudConverter works?

  • In customiser->GIF control enable CloudConverter and every time you upload a GIF appropriate lightweight MP4 file will be created and automatically used, you just need to keep uploading and using GIF files. MP4 version will mimic GIFs behavior, and playable GIF/mp4 format will be shared on Facebook.

How to show or hide Featured Area or Strip?

  • You can show / hide strip or featured area for specific page. For that you need to go to Dashboard=>Pages=>click on edit page which you want to edit.  You can also configure default settings for all pages and posts from Dashboard=>Appearance=>Customise => Layouts => Archive / Post Single / Page  to show or not show respectively on "Archive", "Post Single" and "Generic pages".

How to configure Post Formats icons (categories or tags)?

  • 1. In Dashboard=>Posts->Categories/tags select icons for categories/tags.
  • 2. In Dashboard=>Appearance=>Customise=>Design=>Badges under "post formats icons" select categories and/or tags which should show icons if assigned.

How to change post listing type?

  • For changing post listing type for Home page go to Dashboard=>Pages=>edit Home page and select post listing type from page options.
  • For changing post listing type for Archive page and Categories Dashboard=>Appearance=>Customize=>Layouts=>Archive=>Listing type
  • For changing post listing type for trending, hot, popular, please go to Dashboard=>Appearance=>Customize=>Post Ranking system and see which pages selected for the post ranking type. For example if for Trending page=Trending you need to go to Dashboard=>Pages=>Trending and select the post listing type which you want to have.

How to Show Specific categories on Home page?

  • For showing specific categories on home page go to Dashboard=>Pages=>Home Page=>Boombox Page Advanced Fields and select Listing Categories which you want to show.

How to Show Specific categories in Strip?

  • For showing specific categories in strip you need to go to Dashboard=>Appearance=>Customize=>Layouts=>Page=>Strip Category

Why badges/reactions not visible on post?

  • For showing up badges on posts you need to set conditions for them first. You can do that from:
  • Dashboard=>Appearance=>Customize=>Post Reactions System and Dashboard=>Appearance=>Customize=>Post Ranking System
    In example of the Post Reactions system: You can set Reaction Award Minimal Score=20 Reactions Maximal Count Per Vote=2 This means every time when user clicks on reaction that post will get 2 points and after 10 clicks on posts when post score will have 20 points that reaction will be shown as badge in post listing.
    The same works for Post Ranking system.